Grace, agility dog

Amazing Success Stories

No one treatment or type of therapy has all the answers.  It is important animal owners can freely access certified non-veterinarian practitioners of their choice to be apart of their animal’s health care team.  

We hope you are inspired by the amazing success stories here.  If you have a success story, we’d love to post it on this page to help inspire and give hope to other animal owners and their animals that may be going through challenging times.

         At the beginning of March, Grace’s owner asked Robin McKay, who practices Jin Shin Jyutsu, to come work with Grace. Grace is an agility dog, who had just returned with her owner from a trip to Arizona. On return, Grace was quite ill…very lethargic, having both vomiting and diarrhea, resulting in dehydration. Robin was unable to see her right away, and Grace’s owner took her to the Vet clinic for assessment and treatment, including lab work and fluids.   

          Robin saw Grace on Sunday morning at the Vet clinic.  Grace was very quiet, somewhat lethargic…still had some vomiting and diarrhea. Robin worked with Grace for an hour, then was admitted for more IV fluids and treatment for Valley Fever, just in case. The vet came in to talk to the owner about her lab work, possible diagnoses, including Valley Fever from Arizona and endocrine disorders such as Addison’s disease. As a former ICU nurse, Robin was very impressed with the Veterinarian’s thoroughness, compassion, and willingness to explain the results with Grace’s owner.
Monday morning, Robin returned to do another Jin Shin Jyutsu session with Grace. Grace was much more alert, paid attention to any of the sounds throughout the Vet clinic, and again let Robin work on her for a full hour.  That afternoon, Grace was discharged and came with her owner to Robin’s home for a 3rd treatment. Grace was alert and active. She had had no further vomiting or diarrhea since her first Jin Shin Jyutsu treatment. She ate 3 times at the Vet clinic. This time, Grace let Robin know that a 30 min session was all she needed.
          Grace’s owner said the vet felt Grace had responded much more quickly than expected with any of the medications she had been given. (After a few day, her lab work returned negative for Valley Fever).  When Grace returned to her home, Robin received notice that Grace “announced herself” with a bark, grabbed a toy, and began to play.

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a gentle healing art that helps release blockages in the energy pathways of all living things. Blockages can be caused by simple daily stress and traumatic events, leading to issues or illnesses. As members of our family, animals not only suffer from their own stressors, but also as a result of our reactions to stress and traumas. It’s power lies in the cumulative effect; regular consistent practice results in the most profound effects.

Robin McKay is a Jin Shin Jyutsu ® Practitioner and is Certified in Jin Shin Jyutsu for Animals.  She also has her BSc in Nursing and Master’s in Organizational Behaviour. Prior to opening Energy Effects,  in 2007, Robin McKay worked as an RN for over 35 years in health and human services in both the US and Canada. In her work she practices hands on for both humans and animals, plus teaches humans to do their own self-help work and to work on their animals. The following are two more success stories with Jin Shin Jyutsu submitted by Robin. 


I worked with Finn, a Friesian/thoroughbred who couldn’t turn his head to the right. His owner had arranged for the vet to come and see him, and something came up that prevented the vet from getting there. The owner and a friend who have recently been introduced to Jin Shin Jyutsu did a little work on him and noticed the next day that he was able to do a bit more movement.

When I got there, the owner demonstrated how far he could turn his head to the left, and that when she tried to get him to turn it to the right, he could still only turn a bit and moved his entire body around. After about 45 minutes of time working with him, using Jin Shin Jyutsu, he could almost turn his head completely to his right side. I showed her what pathways of energy to follow and how to do the holds, and she is continuing with his treatment and not requiring veterinary care.


I received this video from Marcie after a 2 day introductory class for Jin Shin Jyutsu for humans and animals. Marcie rescues animals and fosters many. She did a very simple hold on a dog named Patience…who was not looking to be adoptable…I believe mostly because Patience was completely antagonistic to other dogs. Likely more to that story, but Marcie rescued her from an animal rescue on the coast who was going to put her down.  After 9 days of doing this specific and easy hold, Patience escaped out the kitchen door, where another dog was playing…this video shows the results! Patience has since been adopted.


Help with Homeopathy & Diet

Our previous Chinese Pug, Thor was diagnosed with “SECOND STAGE MASS CELL TUMORS” … cancer, at age nine months. The veterinarian insisted that Thor be put on steroids, “NO WAY!” was my reply.

The breeder immediately offered to replace him and had the mother spayed. We said no we were attached to Thor and for ten years we controlled the situation with homeopathic medicine and diet. We eventually had to put him down, a heart wrenching decision we sometimes have to make. The vet. we had at this time couldn’t believe Thor would be still alive after all these years if it really was “SECOND STAGE MASS CELL TUMORS” as he had been diagnosed with ten years previous.

However, the autopsy proved that Thor did indeed have “SECOND STAGE MASS CELL TUMORS”.