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Learn about a dangerous dog food additive which doesn’t have to be listed as an ingredient, and check out dog food ratings/guidelines at


Why take action to stop GM alfalfa?  Watch short video and read about how scientist has discovered infertility and abortions in all animals consuming genetically modified alfalfa.  See why it is important to prevent GM alfalfa from being grown in Canada.

Equine Osteopathy – Brochure by Marcia DuBois, DVM, CVA

Natural Animal Health – Natural, holistic, alternative Veterinary Therapies available to dogs, horses and other animals and pets

Vaccines: Helpful or Harmful?  Dr. Don Hamilton, DVM – “I am opposed to vaccinations in most circumstances. My position has evolved over 20 years of experience as a practicing veterinarian, from study and from personal observation. My overarching concern is that the veterinarian community tremendously overuses vaccines. The decision to vaccinate is an individual one, though. While I am opposed to vaccination, I do not ask that you blindly accept this judgement, but that you make your own decision. I do ask that your decision be based upon facts, however, not fear.”  More information.