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New Equine Therapy Association Brings Credibility and Responsibility

Alberta Association of Complementary Equine Therapy (AACET) is a registered Non-profit, Professional Association of Complementary Equine Therapy providers working within Alberta. The association organized to promote unity throughout the industry and to increase both credibility and responsibility by creating a governing body for Therapists working in this field.

AACET believes modality specific Standards and Guidelines, insurance for Practitioners and a place for owners to express concerns and resolve complaints are required. AACET is working diligently to provide these requirements, in an effort to protect the horses, their owners, and the future of Complementary Equine Therapy in Alberta.

Visit AACET at their booth at the Mane Event in Red Deer.  For more information visit , or find them on Facebook.

How to Choose a Competent Complimentary Practitioner

Life coach, Meg Jordan, from Better Life Coaches offers great advice on how to find an alternative practitioner for people which also relates to animal owners choosing alternative practitioners for their animals. The advice goes by the acronym RELAX. The first four steps can be done over the phone or email.

Referrals Ask your vet, friends and family for referrals.

Education Inquire about the practitioner’s education. What institute are they credited by? How much experience do they have?

Licensing Which professional society are they licensed by? Or do they belong to a provincial or national organization? Are they insured?

Ask Ask questions! There is no such thing as a silly question. Have questions prepared and written before hand. If you already know what therapy you are looking for, do your homework and educate yourself on that particular therapy so you can ask more specific questions. Is the therapy complimentary with other therapies? Are there any risks or side-effects associated with their therapy? Does the practitioner work with a particular vet, or are they willing to be in communication with your vet in co-creating a comprehensive plan with you for your animal’s health and well-being?

X-Factor The “X” factor has to do with your gut feeling and intuition. When you meet the practitioner in person, how do you feel around them? How does your animal respond to their presence? Do you feel genuine compassionate care from them towards your animal? Are they professional? Do they keep records?

Remember that it is YOU that makes any final decisions regarding your animal. Psychologist Stanley Milgram did an interesting study which revealed, “Relatively few people have the resources to resist authority.” Don’t give your power away and let others who may appear in an authority position make decisions for you. “Our power remains authentic when we refuse to give it away by surrendering to the illusion that others know more than what our hearts tell us…” says author Suzanne Clothier who wrote, If a Dog’s Prayer Were Answered, Bones Would Rain from the Sky. If something doesn’t feel right with a particular practitioner, speak up and say that you don’t feel 100% comfortable and you’d like to rethink things and reconsider your options. The next time you need to make an informed decision for your animal regarding choosing an alternative practitioner, remember the word: RELAX.